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Song Name Time
Vibe Again
Bas, Treble & Keys
Heavyweight Scholar
Sixteen (Refix) ft...
Pro Bono
Work So Hard
Athens Of The North...
The Ish' (Remix)
Reppin' Hard ft...
Delusions Of Grandeur
Medicine Man
Psych (Skit)
Good For The Soul
Ohhh Babe
Lucifer's Lexicon
Rhythmatic (Remix)
Fader's Excursion

In central London on 21st December 1983, Charles Henry Klonaris aka 'Cyrical C' was born. Son to a successful English/Greek-Cypriot painter Lawrence Klonaris and English/Afro-American mother Debbie Klonaris, musical influence & culture was hugely apparent when growing up. Artists from Galliano and Omar to Michael Jackson and Prince where huge parts of growing up. This was solely from his oldest brother Andre and mother, due to his father passing away within a year of Cyrical's birth. He became equipped with a pen and paper and began writing poems & songs as a hobby. This hobby turned to obsession and in the depths of a boarding house dormitory in 2000 his first Hip-Hop verse was written. Recording commenced in Stockholm, Sweden under producer 'On-Ree' and over the next 3 years On-Ree's studio was more like a home than a place of work. He started Gigging at such venues as Göta Källare and Café Opera in the centre of the Swedish capital. His travels would then take him to Edinburgh where a chance meeting with a young producer would be the beginning of a joint venture… ………….. Big Scotch the Monolith AKA Callum McGregor hails from the kingdom of Portobello, Edinburgh. His love of hip hop started in the year of 93 when acts such as Nas and the Wu Tang where becoming successful. His obsession grew through his high school years where he began rhyming for the first time. At the end of his time at high school, he began to write his first verses with friends from Portobello. After a few years sharpening his skills as a lyricist he entered the legendary soul biscuits MC battles where he successfully reached the final on more than two occasions. It was here that he met Steve Mackenzie… ………….. Steve Mackenzie AKA S.T was born and raised in the strong hold of Longstone. A lover of hip hop from a very young age Steve would spend time jamming in his living room with friends over any hip-hop instrumentals he could get his hands on. He started entering MC Battles and the occasional open mic and in late 2004 there was an opportunity to perform weekly at the Red Vodka Bar (Cowgate). At this time the only MC's representing his crew were himself and Dave2, who later got heavily into film production. “I first heard of Big Scotch known as Butterscotch through the 2005/2006 Soul Biscuits Emcee Championship. We both made it to the finals and linked up soon afterwards to record a series of tracks… ………….. A formidable partnership was formed between Cyrical C and producer 'Fader' whilst working together in a bar. 'Big Scotch the Monolith' & 'Mr Mackenzie' who had already met several months before, got in touch and a four piece group was formed. 3 masters of ceremony and 1 producer. CatchKlick was born.

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