Conscious Route

Conscious Route is a rapper, poet and singer-songwriter. Born in London, he grew up in Herfordshire near Cambridge before moving to Edinburgh, where he is now based. Conscious Route founded the CCF movement(Conscious Collaboration Front) as well as holding the Conscious Collective events. This influential character has done a lot in short time creating the Conscious Route band also new band project the Urban Folk Crowd. In the past Conscious Route has had string releases with Fugazirum where he was better known then as Mosman, in the last year and halve he has released with Werd SOS on Nowdays E.p and the Hear no See no Speak No evil E.p with Werd again and also Blasfime Sinna. After dropping his debut Lp Real World and following up with the CCF mix tape and latest release Sinking Lp which has been getting international recognition. Through networking constant with a long string of features with known and upcoming acts this Rapper is not shy of grafting his expression bringing positive rythmes and heavy steady flows of reality in his verses definitely one to watch for the future to blow.

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Song Name Time
Friends Till the End
Philosophy Bass line
Real World (Remix)
The Meeting


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