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Artist Song Name Time
Cardboard Bastard
Thumb Penny Jr.
Joey Goo vs Joe Gui
I like crack

The Dirtfork kru include Marc Reid (d3F), Ian Mcgurren (Burnt) and Robert King (Bassline jr). They take inspiration from everything and anything and their design and music reflects this.

Artists profiles:


Straight outta Chelmsford, a baad mega forkster named burnt. With Essex as a baron wasterland devoid of audio stimulation, Burnt has authorised a full deverstating carpet boming of awesome sonic proportions. From the sparse housescapes thru dirty minesharft funk to towering shimmering progressive beats. This is an resonat aural assault on all levels. This is war on mediocrity and in this war burnt stands shoulder to shoulder with all tha fork kru. We conqur. Tuff 'n' ultrabad…

Bassline jr

Straight out of East London came this hardspoon. To become one of the Fork massive. Bassline Jr hung out In Islington for awhile before he had to fight off the toffs with his spoon. This aside. This man is not afraid to be cheeky. An all round technical studio wizard. Pumping sound drives Bassline Jr and he always manages to come up with an impressive soundscape of rythm in his trax. From Digital hardcore to Funky house. Bassline Jr quote, “I get inspiration from watching sexy girls dancing!” What's next from the man in the retro tracksuit tops? Punk funk techno.


When I was a kid I use to imagine that my cat could go back in time, Blossom [The cat in question's name] was like a mini dictator, with a time machine. She could pick a species to wipe out and just destroy it, my favorite one was [Obviously] the Dinosaurs. Wow! She was So tuff.

Joey Goo vs. Joe Gui

Arch enemies and name sakes, these two button-belters have fought to maintain their influence within the track “Corrugated”. The one phase that encapsulated the pair's work, and mainly used by them, is “leave that f**king button alone”. Listen closely, many opposing beats meld into a living analogue-battle.

CardBoard Bastard

At the heart of the Swedish Comfort Riots of the late 90's CardBoard Bastard was moving his small town's ideas/preconceptions of an independent disco state into a reality. Saltsjö-Boo became a Mecca for baby Swede hard kids to rebound in their disused “Alentec Orion AB” compound. Today CardBoard Bastard has re-discovered the hard kid movement through the undertones of more complex societies. “Thumb Penny Jr.” is a calm intro-ride into the Swede, but beware this must be the most ear-suited track spawned by the CardBoard Bastard…..