The Dookie Squad

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Song Name Time
6ft Under
Deep Rising
Hostile Action
Non Specific
Red Alert

The Dookie Squad met at School in 1988. BDP had just releases By All Means Necessary and National Fresh was playing all the latest Hip Hop on Radio 1 courtesy of Jeff Young. Education at this time to The Dookie Squad was rhyming and beat boxing at the back of the classroom. Dook Tha Looper (AKA Salt-uh) was taking samples from some of the finest rare vinyl funk grooves of the 60’s and 70’s and creating rough beats whilst Mr. Memory and Alikazam were writing rhymes to go with them.

In 1993 THE Dookie Squad had their first tour of Germany to promote their forthcoming EP 6ft Under. Promoted by Blue Eyes, the 5 Event tour included Venues of 1000+ people and was supported by other UK Hip Hop artists like Brain Child and Fixed Penalty.

In 1994 their First EP, 6ft Under was released and feature D.J. Life (AKA Rob Life) and received an excellent review in Hip Hop connection magazine.

The Dookie Squad have continued to tour parts of Europe including Germany in 2007 and Switzerland in 2009 and they are still coming up with fresh productions. They are now signed to the Record Label 1st Bass Records and will be having some new tunes released on vinyl in 2012.

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