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5 years CLIKNO...

Dr.Nojoke has been working on these technoid sound-sculptures since 2005. These are based on his archive of self-made audio- and field-recordings that he's collected over the years. Clikno is dubby, funky, minimal, quirky, clicky micro-cut-up-music. Dr.Nojoke relinquishes the conventional techno sounds and instead prefers to play around with his fragmented and treated “acoustic” sounds, which are fashioned into highly technological digital music. He also attaches great importance to the development of unusual and random harmony- and melody- schemes, non-stereotypical sounds and hooklines, which willingly break up clichés.

Amidst all this well-considered concept is of course the element of fun and serendipity. Dr.Nojoke is serious about what he does, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. The live show may feature instruments such as radio, crushed plastic bottles and souvenirs as Dr.Nojoke celebrates the joy of finding special sounds in everyday objects not usually appreciated for their musicality. This is part of the magic and fun of his performances.

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Booking contact: dr.nojoke@gmx.de