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Song Name Time

Adam Ryan, G-project, grew up in Wales. He was accustomed to hitching for miles to get to a good party and he soon got caught up in the acid house scene, feeling a real buzz of being part of something and meeting loads of new people who all thought and felt the same as he did.

Adam found DJ-ing came as a natural progression with weekly trips to Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester to keep up on what was new. G-project was picked up as Adam's Tag and that was that, going on to play @ 'House work' parties in fields, barns, forests and the likes. With Dj-ing at these parties each week he developed his love for breakbeat.

At the age 19 G-project went on to go and DJ in the Grand Canaries. The trip ended up lasting just long enough to get established with a good sun tan and some work in bars and club. Ryan got his records stolen and as a result returned home.

On getting home Ryan decided to move to Brighton where he kept his head down for a while feeling like his honey moon period was over. Joining a music course in Worthing he gained experience of studio engineering, sampling, sequencing, sound design, studio techniques and musical structure which has led on to him producing his own tracks.

G-project is using a basic home set up, Logic, Soft Samplers and Synths, Sound Forge, Recycle, Basic mixer, CS1 Keyboard and Mission Speakers. Check out his work and by all means let us know what you think.

When we had a word with G-project he said, “I would say my inspiration is life, I find it hard going at times with shit working against you but then it can also be satisfying and beautiful. There is always a balance and this has to be the way”.

Web Link: G-project.wayn.com