Jason Wright and James

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Song Name Time
Camo City
Extract Harmony
Tilting Back

Jason and James met at a party about 6 years ago after realizing how well they worked together on the decks. since then they've dj together bk2bk at every gig, Over the years they've set there name's firmly in the scene playing at parties in London,Berlin,Leeds,Edinburgh and so on. Thanks to K-os ('Supporting the generals not the majors') Jason and James have been given opportunities to play large outdoor festivals,beach parties, this setting their name firmly in the underground scene. At present Jason and James are known for there residency's at locals events. There bk2bk sets are heavily influenced by the Berlin hedonistic club culture, their sound ranging from underground to minimalist deep house to Detroit techno, they effortlessly have the dance floors filled from start to finish. Also very influenced by djs such as 'Ricardo Villalobos' and 'Zip' to name a couple, Currently spending a lot of time in his studio together , Jason and James now aim to explore even newer pastures and to continue to produce very high quality productions always looking for that new fresh sound…..