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Song Name Time
Black Rock Anomoly
Cosmic Mirrors
Elven Elevator
Ragga Mamma
Requiem for a Sound
Snake Oil
The Mystery
          Jwah is a psychedellic shaman on a mission to push the soundwave further and deeper into the dream. Inspired by his experience with ayahuasca, Jwah channels and transmits the language of the spirits to us through wild electronic oceans of bass. Oscillating between deep dubstep and intergalactic jungle drum and bass, these musical mutants will take you both above and bellow your everyday consciousness. It will seduce you with organic glow, then churn you from the inside out with digital growl. He's not just a DJ - he's a sonic neurosurgeon. So just surrender to the vibrations washing over you - tune in and let it sink into your soul.

Jwah believes foremost in the power of dance culture around the world to transform our consciousness by bringing us together and synchronizing our biorythyms as one on the dancefloor. Come together with positive hearts and minds and share your passions with each other, and we will build within our lives an unstopable movement of open minded joy, which promises to free us from our former bonds so we may freely pursue what feels true and noble to us in the context of our own existance in this universe. This is the highest truth of our underground culture - and as we nourish it, it comes to bloom within us and unfolds into our own destiny. Such is the destiny of Jwah to share such cosmic intention through the vessel of this soundwave. I pray you play it twice.

All tracks produced by jwah.the.dragon