“Wise-L Leathermonk” (AKA M.C. Caveman)

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Song Name Time
Bastard Mutant Son
Center Earth
Duppy Yuppy

The Itinerant Bard, entertains with modern street songs & poetry,
a lyric of the tragicomic style in Scots, with Ukelele accompaniment, percussion and dance.
a vivid and peaceful journey to the Gnomeland.

Modern acousto music that is played on ukelele or improvised instumentals,
with drums/percussion, it is of a dance nature, with tough but beautiful lyrics.

The Bard wise-L Leathermonk, from the Monkton of the Knuckleburgh Jungle. Long time Artist, Herbalist and Percussionist, started playing the Ukelele in 2005 just for writing songs for The Psychedelic Roaches. Then performing solo around Scotland from 2007, and has since then left the Cannibal Isle and travelled to distant Jungles of Borneo, brought tears from the Granite City and laughter from the Big House, beans and greens to the schemes, and exorcized a few local demons.

Recorded first 8 tracks on the CD “L for Leather (Escape the Dungeon) Enter the Briar” 2009. Reach Number 3 in UK Comedy Charts on Reverbnation and now has regular slots at Poetry nights, Roots Music Showcases, and Summer Festivals. also alter ego MC Caveman does his share of party jams. Continuing to write many different types of songs for the next album (Arm the Uke's (The Sausage Wars) City at Risk”. Sanity press books of both works published and available from Caveman College.

Contact for merchandise and bookings: leathermonk@live.co.uk / 07549 171398

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