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Artist Song Name Time
TGV 638 remix by...
Obey My Orders
Olivier F

Neurocircus are a collective of french artists and musicians.
Not only some very interesting pieces of music but also some very creative video.



Drone mixes with Speedy Jack, using machines, experiments and electronic grooves to create an ambience which is sometimes oppressive but always danceable. Solo or as a duo at the heart of Neurocircus, Drone and Speedy Jack have performed in many different forms since the 1990's.

Olivier F

Olivier F mixes techno and hard techno: compulsive and uncontrollable movement of feet and body of the listeners. He has already organised 5 or 6 techno evenings, during which he has played in front of 200 to 700 people. He also mixed at the first Shadow Rave (1999). Olivier F co-managed Staff Records, a techno record shop in Epernay (the only one in the region in 1999).


Machines, vocals, electronic percussion and improvisation; these are the ingredients in Juko's electro tracks. Numerous concerts within groups (at the Gibus, Salle curial, Baiser sale, wait and see) and solo (Le Chardon, Zoobizzarre with Neurocircus) and also a VJ (Elysee Montmatre, Utopia Festival of Nantes, Le Cube Issy-les-moulinaux).



Graphic artist with artistic training. Squal's works have been published in a number of magazines. He created VORTEX with Speedy Jack and came to meet Drone. Squal steps between the roles of design and set VJ. Squal enjoys depicting a universe populated by creatures and discussing them incessantly.


Multimedia programmer (BPM Odyss�e). Video game designer (X-PO, Lucky Luke: La Fievre de l'Oest, Halloween). I try to continue to mix the medias (words and pictures of sound of the music itself also all mixed) a bit further to accompany Olivier, as I accompanied Guss: Double Face for the launch of BPM Odyss�e.

Brice K

VJ glued to his screens, who mixes the dialogue with Juko and his machines live in a kind of visual ballet. A painter, photographer and graphic artist. He has been interested in traditional techniques and new technological possibilities since the 1980's.