Shear Faith

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The XOR scism

The project Shear Faith was created by X.Trym in 2003, following the split of two bands: Neftys Lodge (electro-black-metal), and Zoon (electro dark). In this creature, he converged all his artistic and scientific interests about chaos theory, transformations, catastrophic changes and mimetism.

The idea behind SF is to write music derived from electro and industrial music with a rock impact and some experimentations from IDM-break beat-trip hop genres, leading to a blurred crossover which mixes different moods and tastes. We were influenced by the electro scene coming from Depeche mode, Mesh, De/Vision, Iris, In strict confidence, from the industrial music like Frontline assembly, Skinny puppy, Angelspit, and the trip hop music of Massive attack, Portishead and Kosheen. During live performances, the filmic-theatrical aspect behind the transformations (metamorphyzation) is more accentuated, by means of the projections of science-fiction-surreal movies and images. So far SF have released two full length demos: Endomorph (12 tracks) in 2006, and Philosophy (11 tracks) in 2008.

Nowaday SF are: X.Trym: voice, guitar & programming, Y.Niverse: synth & programming, ThirdEye: atmosFears & ambyEntes. Female vocals come from Sifneos, a long lasting collaboration.


Endomorph 2006
Live reanimation DVD 2006
Philosophy 2008
Mimetic enkryptions (best) 2009
Exomorph 2010

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