Verbal Terrorists

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Song Name Time
Dance of the Money...
Fuck Bovis
Heavy Affiliates
Idle Hands feat. Lims
Kindness is His...
I Mustn't Forget
NE64 Life
New Britain
Rising Up
Wealth of Nations

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Verbal Terrorists are a Politically motivated Hip Hop group from Newcastle Upon Tyne. We are Drop Dead Fred and Nobull the Soulful Soldier (emcees), JD Bigfoot and Mr. Blazey (DJs) and Burt, Mr. Blazey, Junipa, Drop Dead Fred and Ezra88 (production).

Verbal Terrorists try to avoid affiliation with any particular political party, group or 'ism' but our lyrics and worldviews are heavily influenced by Anarchism, Marxism, Post-structuralism and Feminism. We have an anti-capitalist, anti-discriminatory message and we're all about building bridges and destroying borders. Our ranting rhymes range from issues such as the American Hegemonic interests in the Middle East and South America, to Trade Inequality, institutional discipline and to the pitfalls of consumer capitalism, climate change, racism, sexism and class war…

VT believe that the greatest effect we can have these days is by contributing to a coherent, convincing and creative counter-culture to the mass media machine which legitimates the status quo and shapes our expectations and aspirations. This is a battle of hearts and minds and increasingly people’s hearts and minds are influenced by the media they consume. So if you’re a writer, write about injustices, if you’re a filmmaker give a platform for the voiceless, if you’re a painter, challenge accepted aesthetics, and if you’re a musician make revolutionary music!

That’s what VT aim to do, spread the notion that there is an alternative to the divisive, degrading and demoralising effects of late Capitalism, but we have to make it ourselves. The best way to do this is to democratise and organise at the grassroots level, seize power back for communities and create a global network of decentralised groups, sharing ideas and celebrating difference and diversity. The Zapatistas are a good example of how this can be achieved. Only once we develop a strong but decentralised network with democracy at its heart can we start to wrestle power back from States and transnational corporations and reclaim the public space and institutions that have been forcibly taken from us.

Here's what a few people had to say about our album, Small Axe.

“Verbal Terrorists’ excellent debut Small Axe delivers just what it says on the tin – ‘Governmental advisory: seditious lyrics’ – with passion, panache and intelligence and some banging beats to boot…

…Enunciative skill and dexterity shine throughout, offering political insight without arrogance or contrivance…

…this CD represents a valuable addition to anyone’s library – I’ll certainly be enjoying it on a regular basis”

-Tom Jennings, Freedom Fortnightly Magazine (Anarchist Publication), full review at

“Small Axe is a set of facts, opinions and, it has to be said, choooons… ”

“There’s the local, familiar level. The political level. The British society level. The international understanding. And just an all round library of first class, PhD dissertations.”

” a very listenable & enjoyable album that contains some important messages and thought provoking lyrics whilst not ramming it down your throat”

-Suspect Packages